Mediakraft and UUUM announce strategic partnership

Mediakraft Networks, a pioneer in the European online TV industry, and Japan’s leading MCN (Multi Channel Network) UUUM, today announced a strategic partnership to foster the international success of online video. The agreement covers creative and business areas and is expected to meet the increasing needs of both artists producing content as well as advertising…

MediaLane and Mediakraft Netherlands Join Forces  

Mediakraft Networks, a pioneer in the European Online-TV industry, and Dutch Television Production Company MediaLane, today announced to join forces in the Netherlands. Mediakraft sold all stakes of its Amsterdam based subsidiary including all assets to MediaLane. The company, which supports successful young influencers as Cinemates, Britt Scholte and Défano Holwijn, will continue their activities…

Mediakraft Streamlines Management Structure

Mediakraft Networks, a leading European Online-TV broadcasting-group, today announced a change in its management structure to foster the international success of its Online-TV program. Mediakraft’s CEO Spartacus Olsson will take on a new role supporting the Advisory Board as co-founder and President. The management team will be streamlined to the three Managing Directors Constantin Stammen, Boris…

Our Partners

Turn On

Profound tech gadget reviews meets online video entertainment: the electronics retailer Saturn and Mediakraft Networks put on a great show for fans with its "Turn On" online video magazine. Smart phones, game consules, wearables and more are presented in an enticing way – using online video stars such as AlexiBexi to entertain and inform about tech trends.

British Pathé

British Pathé is one of the world's most historic film archives with over 80.000 videos that was made available to the world through a partnership with Mediakraft Networks. Watch historic moments of the 20th Century that have shaped how we live today.


The music streaming service Spotify breaks new ground in cooperation with Mediakraft for the dissemination of online video. By providing premium content of network artists as well as of the self-produced O&O channels Mediakraft supports the on-demand service. Included are channels like Bullshit TV, the education channels of "TheSimpleClub" and the gaming channel BrokenThumbs.


Mediakraft Networks cooperates with the video platform Watch4 regarding content syndication. You will find popular artists like DieLochis, Emrah and xLaeta at the new section “YouTube Stars” on Watch4. Mediakraft Networks opens up new target groups for its exclusive content and increases its reach in the online TV market.

  • WATCH4


"We are the largest multi-channel network in Central Europe!"


Mediakraft Networks combines the knowledge of experienced staff from the TV production, marketing, social media and media management with the limitless creativity of a new generation of media professionals – to create the TV program of the future. Today's young generation has largely turned away from traditional TV. We provide professionally created content that is informative, entertaining and highly relevant to them.

Online video will be the leading medium

The program of Mediakraft Networks and its artists is already the most important source of entertainment and information for the young target audience of 14-34-year olds. Simultaneously viewers of all age groups view online videos anyplace, anytime and from any device. This has made us one of the most far-reaching online media providers in Europe. Online video is on its way to becoming the leading media of our time.


Mediakraft Networks has its broadcast centre in Cologne: Many of our best artists produce their videos at the media metropolis on the Rhine. We support them with our own professional TV and sound studios. In Cologne, we also administrate all activities of our networks.
In the Hanseatic city Hamburg we organize with our subsidiary "Produktkraft" the exclusive marketing of our artists and bring them into contact with well-known brands. In our local studio produces Mediakraft Networks for example the tech magazine "Turn On" in cooperation with Saturn.
In the federal capitol and news metropolis Berlin produces Mediakraft Networks innovative and unconventional online news and infotainment formats for our viewers. We also manage at our Berlin office many of our local artists and offer them production support like TV- and green screen studios.
Our Polish Network is located in Warsaw. Our artists - regardless of whether gaming, beauty etc. - get here support for their productions. Also here produce Mediakraft Networks new online video formats for our local viewers.
Near the Bosphorus at the border between Europe and Asia is our Turkish office. Our Turkish viewers get innovative and varied online video formats for children, adolescents and young adults on different platforms.


Boris Bolz

Managing Director

Boris Bolz is Managing Director of Mediakraft Networks, a leading online TV station in Europe. His areas of responsibility cover all customer-related functions, ensuring that Mediakraft’s leading position can be even more effectively improved for the benefit of all its customers and partners.

A former Managing Director of Red Bull, Boris Bolz was responsible for the strong expansion of Red Bull in Germany. He started his career as Brand Manager at Philip Morris and continued as Marketing Manager at Campari where he contributed to the success of the Campari and Aperol brands.

Levent Gültan

Managing Director

A founding partner of Mediakraft Turkey, Levent Gültan is also Managing Director of Mediakraft Networks GmbH and Polska SP Z.O.O, and responsible for the international subsidiaries and the Platforms & Operations as well as the Business Development teams. Levent is a seasoned business manager and strategist with more than 15 years of international experience in digital media and web technologies, telecommunications, financial services and high-tech manufacturing. Levent earned his MBA at Duke University Fuqua School of Business, and holds a BBA from Emory University Goizueta Business School.

Constantin Stammen

Managing Director

Constantin Stammen is member of the board of Mediakraft Networks with finance manager with vast experience in the dynamic technology and communication industry. Constantin has served more than 15 years in senior financial and business development positions in the technology industry, during which he had commitments in traditional companies such as Linde AG, the Volkswagen Group and Deutsche Telekom as well as in the digital agencies Concept! and Denkwerk. Prior before joining Mediakraft, Constantin had been CFO of T-Systems UK and CFO of Cologne based online agency Denkwerk.


  • 2011
  • SEPTEMBER 2011

    Mediakraft Networks was founded and created with a dozen artists, generating around 5 Mio. views in the first months.
  • 2012
  • JUNE 2012

    Mediakraft Networks reaches 50 Mio. monthly views
  • OCTOBER 2012

    “Ponk” starts as a first German-language channel under Google’s “Original Programming” initiative. Philipp Laude, among others, was the developer of the concept. The first official video already resulted in 100,000 subscribers, a number that would reach nearly half a million at its peak. The production of the legendary Ponk-WG runs with different casts for more than two years and becomes the role model for many imitators.
  • DECEMBER 2012

    Mediakraft Networks reaches 100 million views per month. Shortcut Ventures, an internationally active venture capital enterprise, invests a seven-digit sum in the new company.
  • 2013
  • JULY 2013

    Under the “Sender Time” initiative, Mediakraft Networks launches all at once several online TV channels as in-house productions, among them “Was Geht Ab!?” and “Techscalibur”. Additional channels follow, such as “The Great War“ or “Blast from the Past”, today called “Einfach Geschichte”.
  • AUGUST 2013

    With opening offices in Amsterdam and Warsaw, Mediakraft Networks expands internationally. In November 2013 Mediakraft Networks opens its third international representation in Istanbul.
  • 2014
  • APRIL 2014

    In collaboration with the film archive company “British Pathé”, Mediakraft Networks makes more than 80,000 historical documentaries available to the world on YouTube.
  • JULY 2014

    With a capital infusion of 16.5 million Euros, Mediakraft Networks concludes one of the most successful rounds of investment for a European online TV channel group.
  • NOVEMBER 2014

    The news program “Was Geht Ab!?” receives the media prize “Pädi” of the media education association “SIN – Studio im Netz” The educationally motivated interactive prize honors media offerings for youth with the “educationally recommended” seal.
  • 2015
  • JANUARY 2015

    Spartacus Olsson, co-founder of Mediakraft, is appointed CEO of the company. Co-founder Christoph Krachten resigns as President in order to devote 100% of his time to VideoDays. Levent Gültan takes over a General Manager position.
  • MARCH 2015

    Boris Bolz, former business manager of Red Bull in Germany, adds heft to the Mediakraft Networks management group as Chief Commercial Officer.
  • APRIL 2015

    Spotify and Mediakraft announce collaboration for mutual dissemination of online video media. With this collaboration, Mediakraft becomes one of the first partners in the worldwide rollout of the new streaming product and entertainment strategy.

    Constantin Stammen is named new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He previously was business manager of T-Systems and CFO of the Cologne agency denkwerk.
  • August 2015

    Mediakraft and video-on-demand service Watch4 cooperate in the distribution of content. TopZehn, DieFilmfabrik and BULLSHIT TV and DieLochis are now also available Watch4.
  • November 2015

    Mediakraft and Stagelink crowdsourcing platform announce a strategic cooperation for live events. Artists supported by Mediakraft can thus serve the demand of their fans for live events even better.
  • 2016
  • March 2016

    The management team is streamlined to the three Managing Directors Constantin Stammen, Boris Bolz and Levent Gultan. Spartacus Olsson will support the investors Iris Capital, Shortcut Ventures and Capnamic Ventures and the Mediakraft Advisory Board as founder and President, where he will focus on strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions.
  • April 2016

    Mediakraft relocates its headquarter from Munich to Cologne, as the city has become a creative hot-spot for YouTube artists in Europe.
  • August 2016

    Mediakraft Networks and Japan's leading Multi Channel Network UUUM announced a strategic partnership. The goal of the cooperation are - beside the exchange of expert knowledge - cross-network collaborations and the cooperative planning of events.

    In the first week DieLochis conquer the music charts with their debut album #ZWILLING - which is the first number one album success of german YouTubers ever.


    More than 600 million video views per month.

    Some 1,500 entertainers, among them many of Europe's most popular online TV stars.

    International reach, with offices in five cities and three countries.



    Mediakraft Networks is a corporate group, which operates a number of networks on popular online video platforms like YouTube, Yahoo! Screen, ClipFish and Dailymotion. The theme-oriented networks ComedyNet (Comedy & Entertainment), TIN (Knowledge & News), Magnolia (Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle), PLEXUS (Gaming) and Hometown (Hip Hop & Urban Culture) reaches all target groups.


    An multi channel network for online video is an association of independent artists to develop, produce and distribute together program for various online video platforms. Mediakraft Networks supports artists in the professionalization of their online TV content and increasing their range and therefore when refinancing their productions. In addition to production support - for example through our own studios - Mediakraft Networks offers many other services, such as data analysis, optimizing content, technical support, workshops and digital rights management.


    Mediakraft Networks sees itself as the largest online television channel in Central Europe, which entertains and informs millions of viewers every day with an extensive and professionally produced program. Mediakraft Networks combines the knowledge of experienced staff from the TV production, marketing, social media and media management with the boundless creativity of a new generation of media professionals to create the TV program of the future. Sponsored by precise targeting and audience analysis, it is tailored to the viewing habits and needs of the audience. The audience experiences the program of Mediakraft Networks regardless of time, place and playback device.


    Mediakraft Networks currently doesn't make a profit, but is financed by their shareholders and investors. In addition, Mediakraft Networks is involved in the advertising revenues of its artists, achieved will this through various online video platforms. These advertising revenues come from the individual marketing partner, which is controlled by Mediakraft Networks over their own marketing company Produktkraft. Of these revenues, in turn, the artists are involved too.


    For contractual reasons we can't give information about the revenue of our artists. Due to the increasing professionalization increasingly artists earn enough to live on.


    We believe in free and immediate access to media, both for the audience and the artists. Anyone can send; whether a program is successful then also decide only the audience. For this reason Mediakraft Networks doesn't limits the artists in their content and activities in any manner.


    The artists of Mediakraft Networks have the copyright to their videos at all times. Mediakraft Networks can distribute the videos to various video platforms, because the artists transfered the exclusive rights for the duration of your partnership with Mediakraft Networks.


    The discovery and promotion of young talented artists is one of the main concerns of Mediakraft Networks. Therefore, any interested talented artists may apply for a artist partnership with Mediakraft Networks. Therefore, any interested person may apply for Mediakraft Networks for a partnership. We strive to give as many artists as possible the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of our networks. The basic requirement for a contract with Mediakraft Networks is the compliance with legal requirements - such as copyright - of the produced content. Not acceptable content is spread hatred, violence, intolerance, discrimination and other not compatible parts with German law.


    The employees of Mediakraft Networks have extensive knowledge and years of experience in video production, distribution, marketing, program development, social media and more. This knowledge we pass to our artists in various ways - for example in workshops, newsletters, tutorials and coaching - and thus contribute significantly to the professionalization. By a long-term cooperation with Mediakraft Networks, our artists can improve the quality of their program, work more efficiently, can increase their reach and income on the various online platforms.


    Measured in terms of pure number of subscriber is the German comedy trio Y-Titty with more than 3 million subscriber the most successful artist of Mediakraft Networks. Y-Titty is part of ComedyNet.


    Mediakraft Networks is the largest and farthest-reaching online TV station group in Central Europe with more than 2,600 channels, 20 million unique viewers per month, 1.5 million viewers per day and monthly 450 million video views on various online video platforms like YouTube, Yahoo! Screen, ClipFish and SnackTV. Status: December 2014


    Mediakraft Networks operates several own online tv stations from all genres in Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Turkey. Mediakraft Networks offers their artists the chance to participate in a professional environment in the production of various formats and so to reach new audiences and target groups. For the content production Mediakraft Networks owns studios at the various locations and with own employees. The result is a program of regular operation with daily dozens of new programs in several languages.


    Mediakraft Networks has partnerships with other companies that provide services such as content syndication, digital rights management, distribution or marketing. Mediakraft Networks supports these partners to establish their own presence and brands on various online video platforms and supports them to better perceive their rights to content. More about this service, click here.


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