Fun - Pranks - Parodies


Mediakraft's ComedyNet attracts some of the most popular comedians of a young generation. They know best what makes their age-mates laugh. Clear through their success: Y-Titty, Freshtorge, DieLochis, BullshitTV, DiggesDing and their likes garner single and album chart successes with their music and parodies, they tour to their fans and amass millions of views each month.

Knowledge & News


TIN (The Information Network) is really a large, interconnected virtual newsroom with different styles and focus. Artists like TopZehn, Was Geht Ab?!, Alexi Bexi, iBlali, ManniacMind, Taddl, TheSimpleMaths and Clixoom focus on news, information, education and science - presented in a youthful and authentic fashion. Added up, these artists together cater to a larger audience than classic TV news formats.

Beauty - Fashion - Lifestyle


Get inspired by Magnolia. Find out the best around beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics such as make-up looks and season trends. 90 percent of their audiences being young females, artists like Daaruum, dFashion, xKarenina, mirellativegal and Hello Chrissy are role models for an inspired generation of strong young women.



PLEXUS is the home for gamers. And the days of online gaming being a niche are long over. As a consequence it's no surprise that gamers like LPmitKev or Broken Thumbs are growing their audiences and fan base tremendously each month. Press Play and Start for PLEXUS!

Music - Rap - Urban Culture


You got the beat? Our hip hop artists in the Hometown Network certainly do. Videos about battle raps, graffiti and beatboxing show massive viewership numbers and artists such as HabibiBruderTV, Fard, Rap am Mittwoch or Maxim Noise feel their audiences' massive support.

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